Review: Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Publisher: Hyperion/Listening Library

Format/Source: Audiobook borrowed from Cover2Cover Blog


Track star and travel enthusiast Anna is a typical high school girl in a Chicago suburb in the mid-1990s

Who is gratefully not too whiny, angsty, falsely rebelious, and perhaps is one of the more realistic teenage girls that I’ve read in a long time.

until a new boy shows up at school.

Bennet is a refreshing male character in the young adult genre who is not a ‘bad boy’ but instead is another, seemingly, run-of-the-mill guy who actually experiences emotions.

Anna finds herself drawn to this guy

Cue Twilight movie scene where Bella sees Edward Cullen. There’s even a sufficiently awkward cafeteria scene. Which, I can understand if you’re a teenager with raging hormones, when a strange cute boy shows up. And Anna was curious as to why she recognized Bennet as the strange boy who watched her while she ran around the track that morning.

who isn’t exactly normal as he comes from the future year of 2012.

Bennet can teleport. I’d say time travel, but he can also jump to different locations during the same time. As with most time travel stories, I sometimes had a hard time understanding some of the nuances with differences in time and how much one event can affect another or erase something else. Sometimes I’d find myself thinking in loops trying to figure out, but thankfully the story didn’t delve too deeply into some of the more complicated things with time travel.

They cannot help themselves and develop feelings of love towards one another but there is an issue of the time between them that could keep them apart.

This was a love story. Nothing epic happens, nothing completely world changing happens. It is a story of two individuals trying to figure out how to be together with the added paranormal element of time travel. There is nothing wrong with the story. I did like it. It just bored me too many times for me to love it. It might have to do with listening to it; the narrator for some reason didn’t gel with me, particularly with the accents. I might also have been audio-book’d weary after listening to a particularly long story that way. But I think it’d make a great beach read. Light, it would probably be a great read for a teenager in between required summer reading.

My rating: 3/5


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