Book Club: March’s Winery Tour and Tasting

March’s Meeting of the Virginia Wine and Book Club


This is the point when I think the blog’s name of “Playing Jokers” really comes into play. Here is something about books but perhaps not a typical review, book news, cover reveal, etc.

I am lucky enough to have a great meet-in-person book club made up of friends who went to the same university as me. We are mostly affiliated with different sororities, and in a way, our book club is a way to stay connected. We vote on a book from a list of nominations from the whole group and then move towards picking the place and the kind of Virginia wine theme to go with it. We try alternating from meeting at someone’s house and going to a winery or wine festival.

So for March, we read Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl (see review) and visited Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, Virginia. We had a lovely tour of the facilities and tried a myriad of whites, rose’s, and reds. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day after what seems like a prolonged winter and the winery was bustling. We even saw a proposal right in the middle of it! bottles

We sat on a picnic table with our new wine glasses and had a lively discussion of the book. We all unfortunately had about the same opinion about the book as I had in my review, but it was lovely discussing it with great friends. We always have a volunteer discussion leader, and our lovely leader came up with the following questions:

– What did you think of the author’s attitude?
– Were the footnotes helpful or hurtful?
– Did the book flow?
– Did you laugh out loud?
– What was your favorite anecdote?
– Did you read with her accent?
– Did the Top 10s/Emails contribute?

sophieschoiceWe voted on next month’s book which is Sophie’s Choice by William Styron, another Virginia author. We plan on meeting at a member’s house in April.

I would highly recommend any who are looking for a good time to try putting together a book club. Reading is a blast, but to discuss in person with friends about it is even better. Of course, good wine and good snacks definitely help too… 🙂


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