Review: Gunman’s Tally by L. Ron Hubbard

Gunman’s Tally by L. Ron Hubbard

Published: March 21st 2013 by Galaxy Audio
Format/Source: Audiobook from LibraryThing Early ReviewersGunTally_CDBoxEng.indd

Easy Bill Gates, genial landowner of the Las Pinas ranch, unwillingly earns a reputation as a gunman when, in the first (and only) rage of his life, he kills outlaw Fanner Marsten for murdering his brother.

Enter George Barton, an unscrupulous, power-hungry hulk of a man and owner of the adjoining El Rancho Grandisimo, who seeks to add Las Piñas to his holdings. Instead of offering a decent price for the place, Barton hires the fastest and filthiest gunmen alive to run Bill off his land. Now the only law anyone can turn to is Judge Colt . . . revolver. ALSO INCLUDES THE WESTERN STORY “RUIN AT RIO PIEDRAS”


As perhaps previously noted in a past review, I have a profound love for pulp fiction, in particular when they delve into the Western category. I love listening to the old Gunsmoke radio shows. Consequently, I was really looking forward to Gunman’s Tally.

The production value of the audiobooks are awesome. The sound effects and the acting are awesome. It definitely makes it more captivating that your normal audiobook. However, perhaps it’s just that I have been experiencing a higher than normal level of fatigue lately, but every afternoon when I’d try to listen to more of the cowboys and their follies, I would find my eyelids growing heavy. I fear that perhaps I did not quite get the most out of the stories as I might have done if I had read them.

I say that as a type of disclaimer, because otherwise I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the title story, Gunman’s Tally’, more than the bonus story, ‘Ruin at Rio Piedras’. Gunman’s Tally was almost poetic, particularly in the beginning with its use of repetition and imagery. Ruin at Piedras I had a hard time understanding what was actually going on.

There was an appropriate amount of gun slinging and rogues. It definitely fits squarely amongst my Gunsmoke idea of what a Western should be like.

Because, there’s only one way to handle the killers and the spoilers, and that’s with a U.S. Marshal and the smell of Gunsmoke!

My rating: 3/5

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