Review: Trouble On His Wings by L. Ron Hubbard

Trouble on His Wings by L. Ron Hubbard

Published: March 21st 2012 by Galaxy Audio
Format/Source: Audio CD from LibraryThing Early Reviewers
Genre: Adventure/Action Pulp Fiction


Johnny Brice is a hotheaded, hard-working “picture-chaser” for the newsreels. He loves to fly into the mouth of danger (whether forest fire, shipwreck or flood), get the story first, shoot it and send the film back fast so that it can be turned into newsreels for theatres all across America. He’s the best there ever was as a “top dog” reporter . . . up till the day he inadvertently saves the life of a golden-haired girl he pulls out of the ocean while covering a ship burning at sea.

The dame, or “Jinx,” as Brice calls her, seems to bring bad luck like a black cat under a ladder. She keeps Brice on his toes and waist-deep in trouble as they trek the globe from Idaho to the Orient, chasing pictures for the World News. Trouble is, no matter how hard he tries or how good the story, Johnny can’t seem to get good shots . . . nor can he shake the girl.


I’m trying this thing out where I don’t make my own synopsis for the book. I’m trying to have the review be just a review and any background information about the book is left to the official summary. It’s difficult; it’s like there is an immediate block between myself and my thoughts about the book.

Johnny Brice and his coworker, Irish, (who, as you can guess, is Irish) start experiencing a rash of some serious bad luck in their plight to get newsreel footage when they take on a mysterious no named girl. They nickname her Jinx because she is surely bringing them bad luck.

But it’s right there that I have a problem with the story. Jinx won’t tell them her name. She won’t let them send her away. She basically insists on mooching off of Johnny and Irish, potentially putting them in danger through whatever ‘bad stuff’ she has gotten herself in and by pulling their attentions away from their job. Jinx as a character bothered me throughout the entire story. There was barely any character development concerning her and her motives and actions seemed almost unfounded. While at the end, things are revealed, it’s still not satisfying. The ending read like the last episode of a show that just canceled. Oh no! We had all these directions we wanted to take the story! Better quickly wrap everything up as neatly as possible because the network is only giving us one more episode.

Other than Jinx and her strange motives and feelings, I did enjoy the story. I liked that the story took place predominantly in the U.S. as many of the other L. Ron Hubbard stories I’ve listened to so far were largely international. The stakes seemed a little bit lower so it was a nice break from some of the other crazy scenarios in the other stories. It was pretty PG rated; there was no hardcore violence, rape, or other kind of elements that might trouble people that can occur in pulp fiction.

And as always, the audio CDs are great. I love the acting and the sound effects.

My rating: 3/5

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