BEA 2013: Obtaining Some from ‘The List’

If you saw my last BEA post, I’m trying to figure out how to prioritize and schedule my blitz krieg to the Book Expo America. My initial list was a cursory look at all the books on BEA’s list of books that will be at the autographing area. My goal is to come up with a way to prioritize my desire for these books to then make an appropriate schedule. I understand that there will also be galley drops and in booth signings, but I need to conquer one list first I think.

Tonight I decided to search on Netgalley to see how many of these books are listed there. It’d be cool to get a feel of these books before the expo to help me decide where I should stand in line.

These are those books from my list that are available for request on Netgalley:

A Field Guide to Little Known and Seldom Seen Birds of North America by John Sillbirdsfieldguide
Death Angel by Linda Fairstein
falloutFallout by Todd Strasser
Shotgun Moon by K.C. McRae
Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton
The Apprentices by Maile Meloy
The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
The Cutting Room Floor by Dawn Klehr
The Son by Philipp Meyer
The Widow’s Strike by Brad Taylorboneseason

And then, Blue Marlin Publications were super cool and somehow discovered my previous BEA post and contacted me about Crystal City Lights by Holly Moulder, a middle grade, historical fiction novel about a 12-year-old’s experience at a family internment camp. Super kudos to them! I look forward to reading Crystal City Lights, hopefully before BEA. 🙂

So while this wasn’t a whole lot of progress towards narrowing down my list, I think it’s still progress of some kind. After a crazy week at work, I’m hopeful that I will have more time to peruse these books this weekend.

One thought on “BEA 2013: Obtaining Some from ‘The List’

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