Review and Giveaway: Dead End Endeavors by Paul Allih

deadend Dead End Endeavors by Paul Allih

Published: February 19th 2013
Format/Source: Paperback from the author

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Eddie Fisher is standing at a crossroad…

Living most of his life as a career con artist; Eddie is a conditioned sociopath who has never cared about anyone that he hasn’t benefited from. His outlook begins to change when he meets Clair; a single mother and school teacher—his all-around polar opposite.

Just as he decides to turn over a new leaf, Clair’s son falls terminally ill. Without the means to cover the medical expenses, Eddie is forced to team up with his old partner for one last scam—a double-deal that goes wrong, spawning a maelstrom of bullets and bloodshed.


I think the word gritty best describes Dead End Endeavors. If you enjoy books by Hunter S. Thompson and perhaps even William S. Burroughs, you might enjoy this book. The language is gritty; if you can’t handle some coarse and rough language and writing style, then this book wouldn’t be for you. The story is narrated by Eddie, a conman whose life begins to change direction when he meets Clare, a single mother. Eddie is not the most eloquent guy all the times; he ends up in some tough situations and can be quite crude with how he describes things. The voice of the narrator suits his character well.

While the back of the novel alludes to his last con, the book deals with a lot more before it gets to that point which is in the last third of it. Eddie frequently reminisces on his past experiences, telling an out-of-order story as he tells the story from his jail cell. Sometimes, I was more curious about his present self, the one dealing with prison politics and the aftermath of what got him there than his past.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the manuscript needs some work. It’s perhaps not as polished as it could be to ease the reader’s time. I’m not entirely certain I was the right person for this book. Nonetheless, it was a book that I wanted to stay up to finish.

My rating: 3/5


Thanks to Mr. Allih for sending me a signed copy of his great book! This giveaway is US/Canada only. This book is not appropriate for young audiences. The only way to enter this giveaway is by going to this rafflecopter.

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