FYI: Favorite Blog Features Poll Results

In the Children’s Book Week Giveaway Hop, I asked a voluntary question of everyone entering.

“Which features do you enjoy the most on blogs?”

Most people were kind enough to respond. The results aren’t too earth-shattering but I do find them interesting.

70% of those that responded mentioned that they liked reviews in some way. Some people added additional qualifiers to their response. They like reviews to:

  • Cover a lot of different genres
  • Be about up & coming books to assist with ‘want to read’ lists
  • Be humorous and personal
  • Definitely be honest
  • Be small in size

Despite being a poll conducted during a giveaway, which can and probably definitely skewed the results a bit, 37% of those that responded said that they like giveaways on blogs. Deal postings were also mentioned as a feature that someone enjoys.

16% of people like author interviews.

Other features were mentioned but by such small numbers that I’m not going to get the percentage for them. Those features are:

  • Cover Reveals
  • Contests
  • Recipes
  • Crafts
  • Family fun
  • Unique features
  • Waiting on Wednesday type posts
  • Recommendations
  • Discussion posts
  • Short article type things (like here’s my opinion on such and such feature that have been common in books lately)

And finally, one person commented that they like ease of reading and content for their blogs.

These results are obviously not indicative of the entire blog reading audience. But I find that it is helpful to know what people are looking for in blogs. That’s obviously not to say that as a blogger, you shouldn’t do what makes you happy. But I think sometimes it’s easy to get swallowed up into what’s easy or what you assume people like because everyone is posting those kind of posts. I’d certainly be interested in continuing this conversation.

What features do you most enjoy? Did any of these results surprise you?


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