Interview with Eva Marie Paulliere, Author of Asuka’s Confession

asukaAsuka’s Confession by Eva Marie Paulliere

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Genre: Action & Adventure


Asuka reflects on the tragedies she left behind in Japan years ago. She confesses such to her therapist, explaining how each day plagues her with a choice: to die for her honor, or live for her revenge. She may be forced to choose sooner than she thinks.

Asuka’s Confession is a short story prelude to a longer series of novels by Eva Marie Paulliere, author of One Woman.

About the Author

Eva Marie Paulliere is the author of The Two Stories Trilogy, One Woman, and Menage a Trouble. In her story “Asuka’s Confession”, a Japanese woman reflects on her days when she was forced into prostitution, and how she escaped a life of misery to live in the USA.


Is Asuka’s Confession your first book?
I wrote Asuka’s Confession somewhere between book two and book three of The Two Stories Trilogy.

Why do you write?
Lots of reasons. First off, when I was younger, I read books by Ian Fleming, Stephen King, JRR Tolkien and Richard Bach that made me think how much I’d like to cast that spell on a reader’s imagination. Also, I’ve engaged in many other artistic pursuits in my life such as music, sketching and acting. I guess you could say it was the next thing for me.

Most importantly though, I have a mind that just won’t shut up! So, rather than check myself into some institution, I just take those voices and conflicts and turn them into characters and stories. I think that’s what the voices and conflicts were meant for in the first place, I just never realized it until I wrote my first novel.

Do you outline the story or does the story surprise you?
The story usually comes to me all at once, so I have to outline it, because I just can’t write fast enough to draft it before it all leaves my head.

Is Asuka’s Confession a stand alone story or part of a series?
It is the prelude to the Asuka Series, which is what I am working on now. Although it is a short story, the following ones will be novel length.

Do you have a favorite character in the book?
Asuka, hands down. She has such depth of character. Despite her apparently submissive beginnings, she maintains a sense of true Japanese honor throughout the story.

What books are you currently reading or finished last?
I am reading Storm of Swords by George RR Martin, and re-reading the Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum and You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming. Have been reading the Fifty Shades series and taking my time doing it.

Other than writing, what else do you enjoy doing?
I like speaking Japanese, and learning other foreign languages as well. I like movies and some PC gaming. I could give you a list of interests, but honestly, probably my favorite activity in the world is taking naps when I should be awake.

How can people contact you or learn more about your book?Best place is where you can read book synopses, see videos and listen to radio interviews. There are links to every one of my published works on Amazon Kindle, as well Thas a contact form.

Thank you to Eva for stopping by!


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