Book News: In Honor of Iain Banks

Iain beard london 1.2This is no longer breaking news, though it could quite possibly be breaking in a different sense. Author Iain (M) Banks died of cancer Sunday, June 9th.

This didn’t come completely unexpected. Mr. Banks announced a few months ago that he was diagnosed with a late stage of cancer. From what Mr. Banks and his wife would post on their lovely website, anyone could see what a strong and positive attitude they took towards such news. It’s really quite admirable.

Iain Banks wrote both fiction and science fiction. His first novel was Consider Phlebas, a science fiction novel released in 1987. He is the author of the widely popular Culture series. BBC has a nice article about him.

To leave a comment for the Banks’ family, go here.

I have yet to read any of Mr. Banks’ books but I will definitely add one or more of his books to my want to read list. It’s a shame that I haven’t read anything yet, but to hear of so many people moved by his works and life, he was definitely a great author.


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