Sunday’s Scribble: Creation of an Inspiration Journal


“Sunday’s Scribble” is a feature here at Playing Jokers where Michelle tries to motivate herself to not just read, but to write creatively. If you are interested in playing along, please contact Michelle! “Sunday’s Scribble” in its infancy and open to feedback to help evolve it.

Creation of an Inspiration Journal

My new notebook

My new notebook

So last Scribble, I gave myself some homework. I wanted to create a journal with magazine cut-outs to help inspire me. So here’s what I did!

My new notebook is spiral bound and has a cool cover. With random words and a design of a key I figured aesthetically it will motivate me to want to write in it. I got it from Home Goods for pretty cheap so I’m pretty pleased with it.

I took out the oldest issues of Newsweek magazines that I have and started cutting out cool looking pictures, words, and phrases. I used to this to decorate the fronts of my notebooks in high school. I have to admit, there’s something relaxing about doing it. So I created quite a few pages of scrapbook sort of collage.

Prompt collages

Prompt collages

They aren’t anything too spectacular. And I’m sad to report that I haven’t actually written anything yet. Life has a way of getting away from you…

I won’t give myself a homework assignment this time around, instead I’ll just say that I hope to continue to uncover ways to motivate myself to actually pick up a pen and begin to write something creative.

Do you prefer to write in a notebook or on the computer? How do you inspire yourself? Motivate yourself?

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