Turning the Page: Balance and Flexibility

turningthepageBalance and Flexibility

Growing up, I used to spend an amazing amount of time on the computer. I would spend hours and hours playing games, chatting, and surfing the web. I even did a lot of that in college.

And then I joined the adult world, where sitting in front of a computer is basically my job description.

Slowly, the idea of sitting on a computer to do anything outside of work seemed completely unacceptable. I know this sounds strange coming from someone is a blogger, but it’s a struggle for me. I really enjoy the rewards of blogging: connecting with people, the sense of accomplishment, and the hobby in general. But what I don’t like is feeling upset that I don’t have a post for every day, that feeling of procrastination when I should be doing something.

It’s that should that I’m trying to shake off. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with goals, but I don’t want to pretend that this is my part time job. It’s something fun and it’s something I do in my spare time. Yes, spare time.

I’ve done well the past week with getting my posts up, but I know that it’s not guaranteed that I will keep up with a post a day. And while I came up with a handy dandy scheduling guide, I know that I need to remain flexible. Things happen: my motivation wanes, I get sick (like for the past week I’ve been decidedly gross), or I get a social life. So while I have my schedule guide, things might not always follow it to a ‘t’.

And you know what? That’s fine by me. I’m happy with where Playing Jokers is going. And while I am always thinking of different things I would like, I know that things take time and evolution happens over time. In short, this is my way of sparing you the excuses of June’s inactivity by explaining to myself that there is nothing to apologize for.

And thanks for your continued support! I really appreciate it.

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