Book Blogging Challenge Fail: 2 Days (Seventh & Eighth) in One

I discovered April’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge at Good Books and Good Wine. Each day has a different prompt, though anyone can jump in at any time. It’s a great way to get to know each other as well as explore different topics that I might not have touched on. The 15 different challenges are:

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine


Yesterday’s Challenge: What are your blogging quirks?

So I think the very fact that I am answering what was technically yesterday’s challenge a day late is one of my quirks. I am actually very surprised that this is the first time this has happened since this challenge began. Everything goes with waves for me. I will sporadically pick up a craft (knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, reading, blogging) and then decide after a few months that I’m bored with it. Or really, that I want to spend the same amount of time on something new for a little while.

The fact that I haven’t quit blogging yet is actually quite surprising to me. I think because it involves more people than just me, I feel like I can’t let people down. I also have different goals for the blog…goals always help me stay on track with a certain hobby.

I can be really anal about some things. Like I feel stressed if I don’t have a post up every day which is insane because that’s just basically impossible for me. It might be possible for other people, but for me it’s impossible because I’m human and I have a lot of things that I feel like demand my time. That said I still somehow have this pressure I have placed on myself to post every day. Call it craziness. Or perhaps quirks?

Today’s Challenge: 15 things that appeal to me on blogs…

This is something that I have in the past asked people as part of my informal information gathering practices (by asking people those questions in order to enter a giveaway—they’re simple questions so it’s not much!). But to actually put down what things I like about blogs…hmmm this is indeed a challenge! …one that I’m likely only going to think of a few items but will discuss them in-depth in such a way that really each one contains multiple points! That counts right?

  • I like nice clean layouts that are also intriguing and fit with the theme of the blog. Once upon a time I used to know HTML and create layouts…for fun. And then I found out that the HTML I know is now outdated and the technology has surpassed me. I also lack the time and hardware that would help me in doing the same for my blog. The day is fast approaching I think where I reach out to someone to help completely redesign my blog in the way that makes me visit other blogs so much.
  • Original voices attract me. Those people who perhaps write more ranting, random posts are the best blogs to me. They are personal, setting them apart as actually blogs and not just places for ads or generic opinions. I like to learn about the blogger behind the blog so then even if I dislike their opinion about a book, I’ll still read the review because it’s from them.
  • Unique features…those people who develop new features that don’t even have to take off but that attract other bloggers to participate.
  • If a blog is super popular, it’s generally for a good reason. So yes, I’m one of the masses…one of us, one of us

…and that’s it? I swear there’s multiple points within each of those four bullets. I blame the fact that it’s been a crazy day at work and I still have things to do. Like eat the cereal that is my dinner and you know…read a book. J

5 thoughts on “Book Blogging Challenge Fail: 2 Days (Seventh & Eighth) in One

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  2. When I had to take a break from the blog due to a family illness, it was really hard for me to live with the guilt of non fulfilling all my commitments with the blog. At one point, I was going to completely step away, but still finish up the reviews I had promised. But, then I wondered why was I quitting?

    Was it because it was too much stress? Was it because I didn’t enjoy doing it? No to both. To me, blogging and reading is an escape from all the things that I don’t enjoy doing but half to do. If I was to quit, it would open up some time in my schedule, but it would also leave a deep void in my life. I don’t think I could handle not reading excessively and when I read so much I can’t help but want to tell everyone what I think. 🙂

    • Very true! It’s funny though…I try to explain what a book blog is to people but it is sort of a different animal entirely from other kinds of blogs. At first that made it difficult to justify doing this to myself, but now I think I’m a lot deeper into it and don’t need to justify it anymore. 🙂

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