FYI: Local Author Panel

So if you haven’t read the ‘About’ page, I live in the DC area. In Old Town Alexandria, there is a children’s bookstore that hosts quite a few cool author panels. Last Saturday I went to my first one there (which I’ll be writing about in a couple of days) and really enjoyed it. It’s awesome to support independent booksellers in this age of monopolies-without-using-the-word-monopolies-conglomerate-companies.

I say all this because the bookseller, Hooray for Books, has a few events coming up in the next week that if anyone is nearby might want to check out.

Their calendar is up-to-date, so I won’t completely rehash it here, but I know I’m particularly interested in their Young Adult Author Panels. There is one tomorrow from 3:30 – 5 pm titled “Life is Messy.” There will be 3 authors and their books there (Elizabeth LaBan, Jennifer Hubbard, and Katherine Marsh). From what I experienced last week, I’d definitely recommend attending if you can. The venue is intimate, which allows for a great dialogue between the audience and the authors. The signings afterwards are low-key, allowing for additional dialogue. There is another Young Adult Author Panel next Saturday with lots of events in between.

I feel a little ashamed that I am just now discovering all of this. One of my (many) goals is to become more aware of local book events to attend and promote. I went to Book Expo America this year, and while that was fantastic, it made me realize that I also need to take advantage of local events and opportunities. So if you know of any other great venues or events, please let me know!

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