Turning the Page: My Magical Agenda

turningthepageMy Magical Agenda

When I first started the blog, I was doing a lot more blog tour posts (have you noticed that I haven’t done any in a long time?!). Those require remembering when your date for a certain post is due. I would schedule placeholder posts to act as a calender for me. I would see when the date of a certain post was approaching. Then at one point, I felt like I was drowning underneath all those dates so I began using my physical calender at work for a reminder. I would write the name of the book that I was supposed to be promoting or have a review up for on the assigned day. But that was only helpful if I was going into the office regularly.

So in May I bought an agenda from Staples. Of course, the agenda didn’t begin until July, but I was prepared.

And now I am prepared.

The agenda, I have found, has magical properties. It helps me spend at least a little less time in front of the computer writing posts each day. Now I can knock out several days worth of original posts in one sitting because I’ve already thought about what each post needs to be about and when it needs to be scheduled for. So as ideas come to me, I open the agenda and write the idea down on an open day. Before I realize it, I have 2 weeks worth of original posts planned.

It also prevents me from sitting in front of the computer and humming and hawing about what to write. I sit down knowing exactly what I need to be writing about. Of course, sometimes YouTube and food distract me, but that’s okay. I’m working on that.

My plan is to keep using this agenda to help organize my blog life to free up more real life time. It works only when I can knock out multiple posts at a time, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I would highly recommend the use of an agenda for any blogger. It’s quite liberating! (and magical.)

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