Cristen’s Comic Corner: An Introduction

cristenscomiccornerCristen’s Comic Corner is Cristen’s place to rant, rave, and generally just talk about what it is that’s on her mind about comics or books.

Hey All!

I’m Cristen, Michelle’s roommate and an avid comic book fan. Before I started posting actual substantial stuff, I figured I’d give a short introduction about myself, my comic addiction, and things I might be discussing in future posts.

I was raised on all things Batman by my dad, and have always loved comics, but I only really started collecting and delving in to the medium a couple years ago. In all honesty when I first started I just went to the local Barnes & Noble and picked up a couple that looked interesting. I hadn’t really given it a lot of forethought; I just wanted to read comics. Luckily what I picked up were some really great stories that had been written and drawn by some really great writers and artists. Now, several years later, it’s developed into a full-on addiction, I have more comics than I have shelf space, and also a bank account that will probably never recover.

But let me tell you, it is WORTH it. One of the great things about comics is the sheer variety. There are tons of artists for every style you could think of; tons of writers for every genre you could think of; and every genre you could think of, for that matter. When you combine all that and start mixing and matching, the possibilities for comic books are endless. It is both incredibly exciting and incredibly intimidating. And I guess that’s where I and my blog posts come in.

My main goal will be to not just review comics that are coming out now, but to also help readers wade through the (awesome) craziness that is the world of comic books. I’ll probably also throw in the occasional interesting link, artwork, or whatever tidbit I find roaming around the internet. I’ll try to keep things organized, but, you know, no promises ^_^cristen

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