Book Blogging Challenge Day 15: Blogging Mentors

I discovered April’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge at Good Books and Good Wine. Each day has a different prompt, though anyone can jump in at any time. It’s a great way to get to know each other as well as explore different topics that I might not have touched on. The 15 different challenges are:

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

So…the challenge has basically ended a week ago, and while I was doing fairly good at posting every day, I of course dropped the ball on the last day. It’s been another crazy week for me. And I have to admit, I was little stumped on how to answer this last question:

Who are your book blogging mentors?

So, I mentioned in the blogging BFF post, that Stephanie from Cover2CoverBlog fills that role. In many ways, she was the inspiration for this whole blogging endeavor as well as a bit of a mentor. But I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to just copy the same answer from one challenge day for another one. But is the honest answer!

I look at everyone’s blogs in two ways: as a user and as a student. I enjoy the content of many blogs as a user, as the friendly reader who occasionally comments (but really probably should comment more often). At the same time, I look at people’s blogs for elements that I find particularly cool. I do not copy anyone. Instead, I am sometimes inspired by others, coming up with ideas of how I want my blog to be different from said blog or work on similar elements. In many ways, I am trying to find my blogging voice, though I’d wager that it’s always an evolving one.

I guess, in a way to answer this question in a different way, everyone is my blogging role model.  So thank you!

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