Book Club: July’s Recap


Just a few Reveurs of Le Cirque des Reves

My lovely Virginia Wine and Book Club met at a member’s house for a lovely home-cooked meal, wine, and a discussion about our July’s book: The Night Circus.

First, I’d like to happily announce that this month marked our SIXTH month as a book club! I am very excited that so far we have managed to meet once a month, have read 6 great books, and have nurtured great friendships. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to go to each month. It’s like once a month, I know I will be with great company and will have a blast. It’s guaranteed fun-time.

The Night CircusSo we read The Night Circus, a book we selected from a list of nominated books from our members. We decided to dress up like fans of the circus, dressing in black and white with a splash of red. It was funny how excited we all were to dress up. It made us think that perhaps we need themed meetings more often.

From past tastings, we discovered that one of the more popular type of wines is Viogniers. So we each brought a different winery’s take on this type of wine for us to taste and explore. I found out once again that I am not a fan of the sweeter wines, but the dryer ones. I liked Horton’s The Tower Series Viognier better than the White Hall Winery one, though the latter was definitely enjoyed by others.

The Night Circus sparked tons of discussion and questions. In fact, I think we had more questions for this book than we have had with past ones. i think a lot of that comes from some confusion as to what actually happened in may parts of the book. There was a lot of points where the book was either intentionally or unintentionally vague and we all interpreted things a bit differently. I don’t think that we came across any one answer to any of our questions that we were all satisfied with. It was great to discover that many of the same questions plagued the others as they had me.

So for next month, we held another poll to figure out which book will be our pick. The winner is: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It’s quite the popular book these days, winning awards and being a popular book club pick. I’m excited to see what all the buzz is about, though I have to admit I’m a bit apprehensive about whether I will like it as much as the buzz says. But that is a problem with any ‘big’ book. But I look forward to our next meeting!

4 thoughts on “Book Club: July’s Recap

  1. My book club just read The Night Circus and Gone Girl too! I guess those two books are popular! 🙂
    I think you’ll enjoy Gone Girl! While it’s not GREAT, its a very entertaining read!

    • Yes! They are really popular picks this summer! I’m so glad you said that Gone Girl is not GREAT…I feel like too many people are talking this book up. I want to make sure I read it with an open mind and no expectations so I’m not disappointed.

    • That’s so funny! What a coincidence! It’s a book that we have had talked about choosing for a few months and it finally won out in our little poll. The problem is, it’s such a popular book that even just the ebook version in my library system has like 50+ holds…looks like I’m either buying it or mooching a copy off of someone. 😛

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