Turning the Page: Lovin’ Bloglovin’

turningthepageLovin’ Bloglovin’

So with the planning influence of my magical agenda, I have managed to (on occasion) be ahead of posts. Which is awesome. (In fact, I’m going to brag a little here: so far for July, I’ve basically posted everyday, almost all original content!) This ‘extra’ time has allowed me to then connect with bloggers more easily than before. Typically, if I have two hours to spend on the computer and I have blog posts to write and I know I need to visit other blogs and comment, the writing for my own blog will win out. But by planning better, I can now spend some time on other things, which involves more actively following blogs.

When I first started delving into the deep, deep world of book blogging, I tried Networked Blogs. It worked fine but I didn’t like that when I commented on posts there, it didn’t actually link to the post. Additionally, I like looking at people’s layouts and Networked Blogs didn’t allow that very easily.

With the demise of some Google products, bloggers have begun to push BlogLovin’. I claimed my blog on there and created an account, but had generally not even used it until this month. And boy…what a difference!

I really enjoy the ability to click the next button, to view a myriad of blogs with ease and keep track of what I’ve seen and haven’t seen. I like being able to mark an entire blog as read, and easily sort through what is definitely a growing number of blogs.

My only complaint is that sometimes when commenting on Blogger blogs, it throws you out of the Bloglovin’ frame. It’s easy enough to go back to BlogLovin’ refresh, and pull up the next unread post to continue moving through all the posts, but it can get a little annoying if you’re doing a lot of commenting. Also, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming if you haven’t logged in for a while to see hundreds of unread posts, but that’s on me and not on the service.

I would definitely recommend people try out BlogLovin’. And remember to follow Playing Jokers on there! The button to follow is in the side frame. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Turning the Page: Lovin’ Bloglovin’

    • Definitely! I have to admit that I’m fairly new to the whole blogging/reading blogs thing, but from my limited experience, BlogLovin is superior to some of the other readers. It’s so easy to quickly sweep through those posts you want to read or delve deeper if the mood strikes. 🙂

        • There’s no special way to follow up with comments (that I’ve found) with Bloglovin. The comments are applied directly to the blog…basically you visit each blog post in its true form, but with a Bloglovin’ browser gadget (without needing to be downloaded) that allows you to switch between blogs and posts easily. That would be cool if it tracked your comments…perhaps there is a way and I just haven’t discovered it yet. :/

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