Review: Trick Soldier by L. Ron Hubbard

Trick Soldier by L. Ron Hubbard

Published: June 24th 2013 by Galaxy Audio
Format/Source: Audio CDs from Librarything’s Early Reviewers
Genre: Adventure17623926


They had trained together in the Marines, the two “boots,” Flint and Turner—Flint, overbearing, with the strength of an elephant and the mind of a fighting bull, and Turner, dubbed “Yellow” or “Trick Soldier” Turner by his unit. Turner’s knowledge of arms and military swagger made him a joy for drill sergeants. Yet his slender runner’s body and handsome face made him an equally appealing target of ridicule for Flint,

Years later, these two pair up in the midst of a fierce rebel uprising in the Haitian jungle. Neither have forgotten their rivalry and now, more than ever, they are pitted against each other with a bitter score to settle—payback that may prove deadly.



I try to make sure that when I review a book, I review it for what it is meant to be. If it’s supposed to be Harry Potter fanfiction, I review it for what it is. If it’s supposed to be 1930s/40s pulp fiction, then I take it for all its aged flaws and judge it on its own scale.

However, sometimes how much you’ve sampled from a given category can affect what you think of a story. Trick Soldier is the EIGHTH L. Ron Hubbard multi-cast performance audio CD I have listened to. So I wonder if what I think of this story is different than what I might have thought about it before I listened to so many of these stories.

Trick Soldier was probably one of the more enjoyable of the eight I’ve listened to so far (the others are The Iron Duke, The Black Sultan, Trouble on His Wings, Gunman’s Tally, The Dive Bomber, Hell’s Legionnaire, and The Devil—With Wings). I’d probably say that Trick Soldier was most similar to Hell’s Legionnaire because of the compilation of similarly themed stories.

Trick Soldier is one of the three short stories that are acted out in the audio CD. All three deal with the U.S. Marines in Latin America and Haiti. It was pretty cool how there were no damsels in distress or femme fatales in these stories. For the first time in all of these stories I’ve listened to, there were no women at all. Perhaps that would cause some issues for some readers, but I found it refreshing. It was pretty cool to hear that some of the terms that are in use today were in use back then, for example, ‘boot’ for someone who is new to the military.

My favorite story was actually about Easy wanting to ride to war instead of walking. It was funny and definitely had some truth to it from how I understand it from my military family: you definitely get sick of walking.

Having taken a break from these stories for a few months and listened to traditional audiobooks, it definitely made me appreciate even more the special effects and the acting. It makes it very easy listening for a commute.

My rating: 4/5

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