Sunday’s Scribble: A Long Sentence

note“Sunday’s Scribble” is a feature here at Playing Jokers where Michelle tries to motivate herself to not just read, but to write creatively. If you are interested in playing along, please contact Michelle! ”Sunday’s Scribble” in its infancy and open to feedback to help evolve it.

Prompt: A Long Sentence

Someone was just released from prison after having served 1,000 years behind bars. At the time of the sentencing, people weren’t actually expected to survive that long. But due to a new development, they survived and are now out in the world.

My scribble:
The first thing I did was search for a cheeseburger. One with the cheese melted to the wrapper that I could take my finger and peel off. I took that first step and didn’t care that there was no one to pick me up. I was going to find that cheeseburger. It didn’t matter to me what I did next; the future wasn’t something I had been able to plan for a very long time. There was at least one predominant obstacle to that and my new freedom was entirely too new and foreign for me to adapt just yet.

It was on about the fifth step that I realized that my freedom wasn’t going to be the only thing foreign to me. Where the walkway had once led to the doorway, with its mended cracked cement, was now almost a kind of carpet, green and soft. It wasn’t grass, but perhaps more like a sturdier moss. I had heard the others talk about the Bio-Preserve movement and the prevalence of more Earth-friendly sidewalks.

There’s a little scribble. Yes, this prompt idea was inspired by the sentence given to Ariel Castro, the man guilty of holding three women captive and torturing them for over a decade. He was given a very large number of years to serve in prison, making me wonder what would happen if someone actually lived that long? How would the world be different to them once they were released? I’m still curious by this idea, and I might explore it more.

Comment with a link to your scribble! What prompt should I attempt next?


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