Book News: Fangirl Chosen as First Book in Tumblr’s Club

16068905I think I’m fast becoming one of the few people who have not read Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl. I could create quite a list of all the book bloggers’ raving reviews of this book. If you’re like me and haven’t read the book yet, you’ve probably heard some of the buzz around it. If not, well clearly you’ve been hiding underneath a tome. 😛 But Fangirl has been chosen as Tumblr’s first book pick for their official book club.

Still, there’s two little news tidbits in this that were definitely news to me.

  1. Had we heard that Tumblr was going to have an official book club? I admit, I don’t really use Tumblr like that masses do. I have my blog posts pushed out to an old account I have on there and I occasionally get a few followers from there. But, I just haven’t fallen prey to the meme and gifs that, to me, seem to dominate the site. I imagine that with Yahoo recently buying Tumblr, that the book club is one way that they intend to continue this trend of online companies trying to dominate the world by the way of controlling our lives.  Yet, I have to admit, this seems pretty cool. I already participate in quite a few book clubs on Goodreads (though I have been bad at actively participating lately), and had before never considered Tumblr as an outlet for that kind of discussion. I can see how the very mechanics of reblogging and liking could be fun to add to what can become just a discussion thread. (I imagine that gifs and memes will continue to be a mainstay of the interactions though.)
  2. I knew that Fangirl was a popular book these days, but I admit that I was a bit surprised initially that it was picked for this book club. Then, I thought about it and it made complete sense. Why pick something that has the airs of being literary for a social media site that has the reputation of being a little informal? You certainly would want to attract a lot of people to your first book club month. Picking a popular book with a lot of people (and the fact that it deals with fans, considering fandom = Tumblr) makes a lot of sense. Kudos to the Yahoo/Tumblr people.

I’d love to ask Ms. Rowell what she thinks of her book being chosen by Tumblr. I might get the chance next week when she comes to Politics and Prose in DC on Wednesday, September 18.

What are your thoughts concerning Tumblr’s book club? Have you read Fangirl? Do you think it was an appropriate choice as their book club pick?


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