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BWReadingMy name is Michelle. I am a twenty-something year old who consults in the Washington, D.C. area, currently doing work with emergency management. I have a B.A. in English and Government & International Politics. But that’s the boring part.

I grew up without a television in my bedroom. What seems uncommon these days with most families, I was instead encouraged to read. I had to go to bed by 8 pm but I could read until whenever.

With some brief lapses, I have stuck to the idea that reading a book before going to bed is the most therapeutic thing.

Reading is:
* a release;
* an adventure;
* an education; and
* a lifestyle.

As one of my favorite high school teachers taught me, “Pages in, Pages Out.” In order to be a good writer, one has to read. In that vein, I am a writer as well as a reader. I live happily in a world balanced by words.

About Playing Jokers

Playing Jokers is a blog hosting book news and reviews. My little tagline to explain the name quickly is: all suits of genres and bookish news. The name is derived from a username I’ve used for years: deckfullojokers. The original meaning behind that is that what I post can be a deck full of wild cards–you never know what’s going to come next. Jokers also can be used as the trump card in certain card games. I appreciate both those meanings and wanted to continue with its theme. I need to make sure no one is coming here expecting some Batman fan fiction, right?

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    • Thanks! I appreciate it…I think I need to add ‘Book Blog’ after it somewhere or make a tag line with some clarification. I had just read somewhere that there are so many book blogs with the word(s) ‘reading’, ‘pages’, ‘books’, or ‘shelves’, etc. that it’s good to have something that stands out. That said, those words make it obvious what someone is getting into.

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