#rothreread Week 3: Faction or Blood?

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#rothreread is an effort hosted by Allodoxophobia and Gone Pecan as we reread Divergent and Insurgent to prepare for the final installment of the Divergent trilogy.

While I was behind on this endeavor initially to reread Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth ahead of the release of Allegiant, I have now finished both. I actually finished Insurgent in less than 24 hours (both because it sucked me back in but also I was lapping my mother-she is still working her way through it and we only have one copy). I am now nice and refreshed on the story to properly enjoy Allegiant. I just -might- for the first time, preorder it so I can make sure I read it before someone spoils it for me.

This week’s discussion is about faction before blood. In the books, the society touts that it is imperative to follow your faction, to remain loyal to your chosen faction even if the rest of your biological family is part of a different faction and on the other side of an argument (or war in this case). Would you follow that rule?

I have a bit of a problem with all of this. I think that it is meant to be thought-provoking. I don’t think anyone in the books has an easy time with this dilemma either. I trust my family’s opinions on things. If it came down to the rest of the world versus my family, I’d stick by them. I’d defend them against attacks if possible. It was both the way I was raised and the kind of person I am.

But I am also the kind of person that can’t keep her mouth shut if she disagrees with something. Whether I was aligning myself with the faction or with my family, I don’t think I’d end up just going along with the flow. For me to keep my mouth shut when I disagree with something is almost painful. I might regret opening my mouth and stating my opinion later, but the regret is easier to deal with if I stood up for my side of things than if I stayed quiet.

So if I were in the world of the Divergent books, I would have probably ended up factionless. Or perhaps Candor or Dauntless would appreciate my bluntness?

What would you do? Align yourself with your faction or your family?

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#rothreread Divergent Series Reread

divergent reread2

Remember that moment when you’ve finished The Hunger Games series and you find yourself wishing it wasn’t over yet? I was reeling from finishing my first dystopian series (I had read some other standalones before) when someone shared some awesome link on social media. (I just tried finding this article but it’s gone…too many other similar articles out there.) It was an article about other books you should read if you enjoyed The Hunger Games. So I spent a couple of months reading nothing other than young adult dystopian (I think it’s also safe to say that I overdosed on it). I read:

  • Matched
  • Pure
  • Delirium
  • Divergent

I think all these books definitely have their merits. Divergent is not literature; it’s a good read that had me speeding through the pages towards each shocking cliffhanger. I plan on joining Allodoxophobia and Gone Pecan in their #rothreread, a blogger reread of the books out as we prepare for the release of Allegient by participating in different topics and questions.   Perhaps I can even grab some of my mother’s thoughts on the series as she is reading the book now too.  🙂

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