Book Club Update: Author Interview & 2 Books!

It’s a new month (okay, so it’s the middle of the month…time is really flying this season!) and that means a new book club update!

Last month, my book club read The Hunt and met with the author, Jan Neuharth in the very town that the fictional murder mystery takes place. It was a great experience and the club really liked it!

Book club members and Jan Neuharth

We asked Ms. Neuharth about her writing process, about the publishing industry and who she would want to cast as her characters in a movie (the main character would be George Clooney!). We met at a lovely coffee place that was gracious enough to allow us to descend on their establishment. As you can see, we had copies of the book to have Ms. Neuharth sign them.

So for October, we were all a little indecisive. There are just so many cool things to do in the fall and so many appropriately themed books to get us in the mood for Halloween and autumn. In fact, the poll we had to decide our next book was so close that we are trying to read two books in one month for the first time. The first pick is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, which I have already finished and loved! The second book I’m working on now, The Black Country by Alex Grecian. It’s really the perfect book for the rainy weather we’ve been getting this week. We plan on going to one of those pumpkin patch, corn mazes, apple butter kinds of places for our meeting next Sunday so I’m definitely excited to see these girls again!

Are you in a book club? How does your club select the books to read?


Book Club: August’s Recap

8442457I am in a book club, the Virginia Wine and Book Club. It’s a great group of women and each month we read one book and meet to discuss it over various Virginian wines. It’s been a great opportunity to learn more about wine and read those books that perhaps I needed an extra push to get to.

This past month, the book was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. As per usual, I was about the last one to get my hands on the book. Each time, I think that I have a lot of time left to get the book and read it and each time I discover that I misjudged. I end up trying so hard to finish the book on time. There has only been one month where I hadn’t finished the book before the meeting and it is my goal to make that the only time that happens.

August was a busy month for most of us, so instead of meeting a winery, we met at a member’s house for some snacks and wine. This month we sampled James River Cellars’ table red and white, as well as a few other bottles that I didn’t take note of. I think it’s safe to say that the book inspired some heated reactions from all of us. “That b—h is cray-cray,” is one quote. ­čÖé1086850

For September, we are reading The Hunt by Jan Neuharth. If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, feel free to email me and I can give you the details of our meeting–this month it’s open to the public! We will be meeting with Jan to discuss her book. We hope to have more author meetings in the future, but we have to balance that with the other goals of our club and people’s schedules, so we’ll see what happens!